Healthcare Professionals & Students

    As a current or future healthcare professional you have been trained to understand minute details of complicated disease processes and elaborate healthcare systems because a lack of understanding has the potential for harm. This holds true for organ and tissue donation and yet this process is still widely misunderstood by so many within the field. Unfortunately there is so much to learn for aspiring healthcare workers that organ and tissue donation is often overlooked. At Greatest Gift, Inc. it is our mission to help current and future healthcare professionals develop and understanding and appreciation for the donation process. The field of organ and tissue donation is in great need of champions for the cause. Whether physician champions, nursing champions, student champions etc., there is a need for individuals within hospitals and the rest of the healthcare infrastructure to take it upon themselves to advocate and facilitate for donation rather than create road blocks with misunderstanding. Take the first step to becoming a champion for donation by clicking below to watch our official presentation on the processes of donation and transplant for the medical professional.

WANT TO DO MORE?  We can't accomplish our goals without your help.  A large part of our mission is not only training and educating individuals, but turning those individuals into educators themselves.  Here are some of the ways you can bring organ and tissue donation to your hospital, your university and your community:

    Give a presentation: You've watched our presentation now spread the wealth to your peers or students.  Download the         
    presentation slides (attached below the video) and repeat it word for word or make it your own.  Spice up the parts that bored 
    you to tears and add your own twist to make it more relatable to your community.  If you would like to include your own local 
    statistics, click here to get in touch with the nearest OPO (by the way, if you really were bored to tears... let us know!).

    Host an event: Whether on campus or in the community, sometimes the best way to reach people is to trade the computer 
    screen for sunscreen.  We can provide you with information and artwork for poster boards, factsheet fliers and even ideas for 
    what kind of event to host!  If there is anything else you might like for your event just shoot us an e-mail and we'll see what 
    we can do.  Click here for event ideas.

    Start a Campus Chapter: Our Campus Chapters are the foundation for our entire organization.  Quite frankly, they are the 
    idea that lead the existence of Greatest Gift, Inc. and their success has allowed our growth.  Click here for more information 
    on how to bring and extension of Greatest Gift, Inc. to your campus.