Undergraduate & Non-Health Graduate Students

    Most people would agree that the college years are some of the greatest years of your life.  Those aspiring to go to college want to be like you and those who have graduated with they could go back and be in your shoes.  College students are the engine that drives so many phenomena in America from changes in pop culture to activist movements.  You have the freedom to challenge conventional wisdom and the influence to provoke change.  

    At Greatest Gift, Inc. we are seeking passionate, motivated students who are looking to make a difference.   We are looking for leaders to help us on a national campaign to educate college campuses about the processes, myths and facts of organ and tissue donation.  There is a severe organ shortage in this country and an average of 19 people are dying every day while waiting for a life-saving transplant.  Education and awareness (or lack there of) are enormous barriers in the field of donation and transplantation and it is our mission to begin chipping away at them.  

    Give a presentation: What's the easiest way to help us educate your peers?  Stand up in front of them and teach!  We can 
    provide you with all of the training and materials you need to give a quick talk on the processes, myths and facts of organ 
    and tissue donation.  We even have a video presentation that you can copy word for word if you like!

    Host an event: Whether on campus or in the community, sometimes the best way to reach people is to trade the computer 
    screen for sunscreen.  We can provide you with information and artwork for poster boards, factsheet fliers and even ideas for 
    what kind of event to host!  If there is anything else you might like for your event just shoot us an e-mail and we'll see what 
    we can do.  Click here for event ideas.

    Start a Campus Chapter: Our Campus Chapters are the foundation for our entire organization.  Quite frankly, they are the 
    idea that lead the existence of Greatest Gift, Inc. and their success has allowed our growth.  Click here for more information 
    on how to bring and extension of Greatest Gift, Inc. to your campus.